Google Drive

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How much space do I have on Google Drive?

Google doesn’t count data coming from its services—such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and standard-resolution photos—against your storage quota but other features from the company, such as saving original-resolution photos on Photos and Gmail messages, take up space on your drives. Wondering how you can keep track of your Drive space? Here’s how. Instructions for Web Users: Log into your Drive at Your storage usage and quota will be displayed at the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side

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Sync / Backup Your External Drive to Google Drive (3-Step Guide)

Technically, it is possible to sync/backup your external drive to Google Drive via the native app -- but that method has its limitations. For one, you lose your file/folder structure because you'd have to place the Google Drive sync folder inside your external drive. Insync has a better way. The right way. A method where your external drive syncs in its own folder in your Google Drive. Instructions (you'll need Insync installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux first) 1. Connect your external drive

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