How to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive

    Sometimes, what prevents us from trying out new products or software are our habits and routines with using services we’ve had for a while.

    In the case of Insync, a common situation we see among our users is the struggle to move from Dropbox to Google Drive. Users prefer to use Google Drive for any number of reasons, but it can get tedious to manually transfer tens of gigabytes worth of files they’ve accumulated in Dropbox over the years.

    How can Insync help you migrate from Google Drive to Dropbox?

    Insync serves as a syncing client between your Google Drive and your desktop, allowing you the freedom to continuously sync your data across the two. Moving your files from Dropbox to Google Drive is literally as easy as copy-pasting (provided you have Dropbox installed):

    Step 1: Install Insync
    Step 2: Open your Dropbox folder
    Step 3: Select the files and folders you want to migrate to Google Drive
    Step 4: Copy and paste the files and folders you need synced from your Dropbox to your local Insync folder
    Step 5: Let Insync do the rest. Go get yourself a Mai Tai

    Insync has a 15-day free trial per Google account, allowing you ample time to test our suite of services, including using our client to migrate your Dropbox ;)

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