Why pay $500 a year?

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Per machine, per year
Integrates with Linux
Tell us at support@insynchq.com if you want this for Windows or Mac!
Supports multiple accounts
Server for custom domains
Dual boot
Includes Ncurses selective sync
Use a menu-driven interface to sync your files
Auto-login for servers
Start and login your Insync account automatically
Insync 3 Headless comes with these features...
Ncurses selective sync interface
Sync your files and folders with ease using a menu-driven interface.
Run your own scripts and make work flow with Insync 3 Headless.
Different distributions support
Run Insync 3 Headless on different distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora.
Resolve file copy conflicts and collaborate on documents with ease.
Auto-login for servers
Start and login your Insync account automatically.
Exclude specific files and folders when syncing your Google Drive or OneDrive.
Automatically convert synced Google Docs to Microsoft Office and OpenDocument.
Sync files from multiple Google Drive and OneDrive accounts with each one having its own local folder on the server.
Backup and sync 2 (or more) operating systems on 1 machine.
If you are an enterprise, contact us for volume discounts.
Got an old Insync license?
Click here for a discounted upgrade.

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