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Create your custom workflow with Insync’s syncing superpowers! Includes cloud selective sync, local selective sync, 1-way sync, and more.
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Selective Sync

Local Selective Sync (LSS)

Keep your current directory structure, and still have the ability to sync local files and folders to the cloud.

Cloud Selective Sync (CSS)

Sync different folders to different locations simultaneously — folder A to your computer, folder B to your USB drive, and folder C external drive all.

Sync modes

2-way sync

Have updated files all the time.

1-way sync

Keep your original folder safe while syncing changes to the destination folder.

Sync anywhere


Sync your various peripherals to and from the cloud.

  • External hard drive
  • USB
  • Memory cards

Network drives (NAS)

Sync your network drives to and from the cloud to enable useful workflows.

Home folder

If you like to keep your folders in one place, we got your back! Each account will have its own central syncing folder.

Any folder

Wherever your folders are located — outside the home folder or external drive (just not on Mars), we will sync it to and from any Earth-based devices.

Merge folder

Combine 2 different-named folders from different locations and marry them — "until unsyncing do us part."

  • Sync under a folder
  • Merge the contents with a folder

Sync sidekicks

Docs conversion

Automatically convert and sync your Google Docs to MS Office or OpenDocument, and vice versa.

For Google Drive accounts only.

Ignore rules

Exclude specific files, folders, and file extensions when syncing your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

If you're familiar with the .gitignore syntax, you'll feel right at home.

Conflicts resolution

Collaborate much? This feature will prevent data loss from different versions when collaborating.


If you are reading this section, you probably know what this is.

Simply put, it means you can use the same Insync directory (to save local space) for different OSes on the same machine.

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