Pricing FAQs

Desktop Pricing FAQ


Why did you decide to implement this new pricing model?

We changed the pricing model based on customer feedback. Our original pricing was per account and in the new world of multiple accounts, it just didn’t make sense anymore. So we made the plans unlimited accounts, unlimited machines, and we differentiated them based on features.


How do I upgrade from Personal plan to Developer or Company?

For upgrades from Personal to Developer, go to while logged in to your Personal account. You only need to pay the difference.

For upgrades to the Company license, please contact


I upgraded from a lower plan to a higher plan but I still can’t see the changes on the app. What’s happening?

Sometimes changes don’t reflect immediately. Please follow this help guide to refresh your license if it still hasn’t automatically upgraded.


Do the new plans have a dashboard?

Personal/Developer plan does not need a dashboard since these plans offer unlimited accounts and do not need to be managed

The Company plan has a dashboard because it was made for managing employee accounts

  • To access the Company dashboard, go to and log-in using the account you bought the Company plan with. After that, click on the dashboard on the upper right.

Are bulk upgrades allowed?

Yes, but this only applies to Personal or Developer. Once upgraded, you can bulk upgrade the rest to that plan for free. For the Solo or Company plan, you’d have to pay the difference for each account you want to upgrade.


Can I combine old licenses (Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, and Teams) with the new pricing plans (Solo, Personal, Developer, and Company)?

Yes, you can have existing accounts with old licenses and new accounts on the new plans.


I’ve already purchased a Personal or Developer plan. Will I be able to upgrade my other accounts on the old plans to the new plans?

Yes. Please go to the dashboard, login to one of your existing accounts on the old plans, and click on the `Change to new plan` button.


I changed from an old license (Pro, Plus, Business, Prime, Teams) to one of the new plans (Solo, Personal, Developer, Company) and I lost certain features. What happened?

Each plan has a different set of features which are explained further on our Pricing page here.


How do you compute the upgrade difference for the new plans?

For upgrades to Personal/Developer, we only take the price difference between one of your accounts on the old plans and the new plan.

For bulk upgrades to Company, we take the price difference between each of the accounts you want to upgrade and the price of the total number of Company plans

For upgrades to Solo, accounts from Prime or Teams can be upgraded for free. Accounts coming from Pro, Plus, or Business will have to pay the price difference between the old plan and the new plan.


How do I upgrade from Solo to another plan?

Upgrades to another plan are not allowed. Please contact for assistance.


I've purchased a Solo plan. Will I be able to upgrade my other accounts on the old plans to Solo?


Server Pricing FAQ


What is the difference between Solo/Personal/Developer/Company (Desktop plans) from Home and Office (Server subscriptions)?

The Desktop plans are currently a one-time purchase and are available only for desktops with a GUI. Server subscriptions are paid annually and are available for servers only.


If I already have a Desktop plan on my account and I use Insync 3 Headless with it, will I be able to sync my files?

No. You will need either a Home or Office subscription for you to sync your files on Insync 3 Headless.


How much is a Home or Office subscription? Do you have volume discounts?

Home is at $39.99 per machine, and Office is $159.99 per machine. There are currently no volume discounts for Insync 3 Headless.


I just bought a Home/Office subscription. Can I use Insync 3 Headless for multiple Google, OneDrive, or Dropbox accounts?

Yes. It’s unlimited accounts per server.


I just bought a Home/Office subscription. Will my subscription be applied to multiple machines I login to?

No, each subscription is per machine. Insync 3 Headless operates on a per machine basis so you would need to increase the quantity for your subscription on your dashboard and assign the machine uuid to use Insync 3 Headless.


Will I be able to transfer my Home or Office subscription from one machine to another?

Yes. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Click Server
  4. Go to either Home or Office
  5. Click delete beside the machine uuid of your old machine
  6. Enter the machine uuid of your new machine
  7. Click Assign

I use the CLI exclusively and don’t have access to a web browser needed to authenticate my account. Can I copy the authentication code from another machine and paste it to the CLI?

Yes. The authentication code will work regardless of where it came from. You will only need to enter it before the code expires (which is usually in 2 hours).


Can I assign a Home subscription and an Office subscription on the same machine?

Yes but why would you :)


What is the difference between a Home and an Office subscription?

Home is for users who own a non-custom (free) domain (,, etc.) and Office is for users who own a custom domain (, etc.).


Can I run Insync 3 desktop and Insync 3 Headless on the same machine at the same time?

Nope :)


Will Insync 3 desktop receive the same updates as Insync 3 Headless on the same machine?

No. Insync 3 Headless will have separate versioning and release schedules.


What are the differences between Insync 1.5 Headless and Insync 3 Headless commands?

Please refer to this document here.


Where can I find the list of Insync 3 Headless commands?

You can find the list here.


How do I install Insync 3 Headless?

Refer to our installation guide here.


Will Insync 3 Headless work on desktops?

Yes. Though the product is meant for servers, you can also use the product on your desktop.