Pricing FAQs

Desktop Pricing FAQ


Where do I get support once my Insync Care subscription is up?

Through our community forums.


What version of the app will I have if my Insync Care subscription expires?

You’ll be on the last version you downloaded prior to the expiration of the subscription. So let’s you were on v3.8.5, and you don’t renew your subscription. You’ll stay on this version without any updates until you reactivate Insync Care.

Your app will stop getting updates once your subscription expires.


What happens if I cancel Insync Care and it still has X months to go before the expiration period?

Your Insync Care subscription will end once it reaches the expiration period so you will still receive the benefits until then.


Am I allowed to purchase Insync for now then get Insync Care at a later time?

Yes, you can. You can purchase Insync Care at a later time in-app.


Does Insync or Insync Care include unlimited accounts?

No. The pricing for Insync and Insync Care is per account.


Is my license transferable?

No, licenses are non-transferable.


What do you mean by "legacy plans"?

Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, Teams, Solo, Personal, Developer, and Company (phew!)

If you are on any of these plans, you are on a legacy plan.


What happens to the legacy plan that I purchased in lieu of the new pricing?

Your legacy plans will be grandfathered. You don’t have to do anything and Insync will continue to work.

You will still get Insync updates and email support


Will I need to pay for anything else on my legacy plan?



Will I still get support if I'm on the legacy plan?

Yes! Being grandfathered means nothing will change with what you previously paid for.


Will I still continue receiving updates on my legacy plan?



Can I still upgrade between the legacy plans?

Yes! The legacy plans will have a dedicated web page for your convenience. You can upgrade from there.

For example, if you want to upgrade from Solo to Developer, you can do so by clicking the link above.


Can I upgrade my legacy plan to the new plan?

Yes! Contact and include the following details:

  • Receipt or PayPal transaction ID for your current plan
  • Email address you're using on Insync that you'd like to upgrade

What will happen to the Server plans?

The Office Server plan will continue

The Home Server plan will be discontinued but you can keep using it as you are also grandfathered on this plan.

Server Pricing FAQ


What is the difference between Insync and Server Office?

Insync is a license for desktops with a GUI. Server Office is available for servers only and is an annual subscription.


If I already have Insync on my account and I use Insync 3 Headless with it, will I be able to sync my files?

Yes. The Insync license allows users to use Insync 3 Headless on desktops. If you are using a server (i.e., no GUI), then you will need a Server Office subscription to sync your files accordingly.


How much is a Server Office subscription? Do you have volume discounts?

Office is $159.99 per machine, annually. There are currently no volume discounts for this.


I just bought a Server Office subscription. Can I use it for multiple Google, OneDrive, or Dropbox accounts?

Yes. Your Server subscription allows unlimited accounts per server.


I just bought a Server Office subscription. Will my subscription be applied to multiple machines I login to?

No, each subscription is per machine. The Server Office subscription operates on a per machine basis. You would need to increase the quantity of your subscriptions on your dashboard and assign the machine UUID to use it on your server.


Will I be able to transfer my Server Office subscription from one machine to another?

Yes. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click Dashboard on the upper right
  3. Click the Server tab
  4. Go to Office
  5. Click Delete beside the machine UUID of your old machine
  6. Enter the machine UUID of your new machine
  7. Click Assign

I use the command line interface (CLI)/headless exclusively and don’t have access to a web browser needed to authenticate my account. Can I copy the authentication code from another machine and paste it to the CLI?

Yes. The authentication code will work regardless of where it came from. You will only need to enter it before the code expires (which is usually in 2 hours).


Can I run Insync 3 desktop and Insync 3 Headless on the same machine at the same time?

Nope :)


Will Insync 3 Desktop receive the same updates as Insync 3 Headless on the same machine?

No. Insync 3 Headless will have separate versioning and release schedules.


What are the differences between Insync 1.5 Headless and Insync 3 Headless commands?

Please refer to this document here.


Where can I find the list of Insync 3 Headless commands?

You can find the list here.


How do I install Insync 3 Headless?

Refer to our installation guide here.


Will Insync 3 Headless work on desktops?

Though the product is meant for servers, you can also use the product on your desktop.