Insync and your data

    The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was officially enforced on May 25, 2018; ensuring users more control over their data and giving companies stricter guidelines on how to collect and process data.

    You can read more about GDPR here.

    🗺️ How does GDPR affect Insync?

    We have users from the EU whose data we collect and process; and the GDPR gave us the push to assess our processes and our systems to ensure that they’re up to standards.

    We take your privacy and security seriously and we want to be transparent about what we do with our users’ data. So while the GDPR is an EU regulation, we (as stewards of your data) have decided that the GDPR-compliant processes and rights will be applied to all our users regardless of geographic location or country of citizenship because it just makes sense.

    Your data is yours and we will do all we can to keep it that way.

    📋 What steps have we taken to better our data handling?

    The GDPR allowed us to take a step back and evaluate the way we collect, handle and process your data. This also gave us the opportunity to examine the apps and integrations we hire to improve the way we service you -- that way, we’re assured that these companies are taking great care of your data the way we do.

    Below are the things we did to improve data handling and user privacy:

    📌 Our privacy policy and terms & conditions

    We’ve amended our privacy policy and terms & conditions to include more details on the data we handle and the third party apps we use.

    We want you to easily understand what data you share and how we use it so we created a plain English summary of our policy here.

    📌 Our third party applications

    We use Stripe and PayPal to process your license payments. We also hire Intercom and Drip for customer support and communication.

    We signed Data Processing Agreements with these companies to make sure that they are also GDPR-compliant and they only process data on our behalf for what we ask them to.

    📌 Our onboarding process

    We tweaked our app onboarding process to make sure that you know what you’re signing up for and what information you’re giving us for processing from the get-go.

    📌 Our log data

    We collect your IP address when you visit our website to help improve our product, service and security. To make sure that we don’t store these kinds of data longer than we should, we’ve created a protocol that regularly purges these logs.

    We also reviewed and shut-down any legacy systems that contain unused and unnecessary data. The less data we have in storage, the less risk for everyone.

    📌 Our new tools

    We have created internal tools and processes to help us help you exercise your rights under GDPR:

    • A tool for exporting any user data so your requests are handled in a timely manner.
    • A tool (aptly named “Lobotomy”) for purging all existing data on a user upon request.

    To exercise these rights, you can contact us at and we’ll get right to it.

    📌 Our team

    The GDPR made our team more conscious of how we handle and process your data. It is now a more visible aspect of our product development and design.

    We are committed to improving our data handling and processing through regular trainings and system reviews.

    📌 Other legal concerns

    If you have questions or any concerns about our stance on data protection or our GDPR compliance, email us at :)

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