Data we collect

These data are used to make sure that you are able to access the Insync app, your dashboard, our customer support and marketing communications.

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    Google email & ID
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    Microsoft email & ID
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    Dropbox email & ID
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    Platform version

Data we DON'T collect

We want to reiterate that the following data never pass through our servers.

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    Your Google credentials
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    Your Google Drive files
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    Your Microsoft credentials
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    Your OneDrive files
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    Your Dropbox credentials
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    Your Dropbox files
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    Your financial information (credit card details)

How we use your data

We only collect data that is important in performing functions that improve our app and our service. Here are the functions wherein your data is used:

Third parties who process your data

We have employed the services of third party apps to help us perform certain functions:

Use of your cookies

We issue cookies to help us improve user experience. You have the freedom to opt out of cookies through your browser options but it may also restrict your use of our site. Our site, for example, uses cookies for the login process so that you don’t have to repeatedly sign in with your Google or Microsoft account.

When is data collected

Your data is collected to help us conduct our service better. Your data is collected during the following:

User rights

Remember that as a user, you can exercise the following rights:

Email to exercise any of these rights or for any other concerns.

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