A universal interface for all your data


Reinvent the default desktop file manager

The modern environment is collaborative, multi-device, multi-platform with tons of data stored locally, in peripherals, mobile and cloud. This complex environment (everyone just used to use Windows and a hard drive) has changed the way we work and access data.


To reverse brain drain and elevate computer science education and development in the Philippines.



Insync is a breeding ground of new ideas, philosophies and ways of living. We believe in sharing and learning from each other.


We value genuine relationships as it creates the most positive impact on life satisfaction. Being nice to one another keeps Insync an awesome place to work at.


We care about one another and our work. We believe in being the CEO of your own domain. This keeps Insync interesting both as a company and as a product.



Terence Pua

CEO & Co-founder

Terence has been in the startup scene for 20 years. Seeing the need to reinvent the way users access their data, he co-founded Insync in 2008. He is responsible for driving Insync's mission and making sure the team thrives by giving them an awesome work environment.

Marte Soliza

CTO & Co-founder

As a college student, Marte was already working as a freelance consultant and was part of a startup. In 2008, he decided to drop out to co-found Insync. His role is to drive the development of the app and ensure the dev team is in sync.


This was from our company trip in Koh Phangan, Thailand

(L-R) Gio, Terence, Beato, Marte, Jomel, Janine, Dipesh, Luis


Fail. Learn. Repeat. Mistakes are a part of growth, and Insync will give you an environment that will allow you to make them and learn from them.

Redefine work-life balance. We all work best differently. Some like it at the office, after a hike, or past 6PM. We allow you to be you and not let get work in the way of life.

Have fun. Other than having beer, dogs, and awesome vacations, we believe that work should be fun. Less stress creates a happier team, and that reflects in the quality of our product.

Choose Insync

Because you shouldn't decide between your career and living your best life.

Our team is growing!