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Built for productivity

Multiple account support

Combine your Gmail and Google Apps accounts under one client. Awesome!

Nested selective sync

Save precious SSD space on your laptop. Who doesn't want that? Duh.

Ignore list

Unclutter your Google Drive storage and your computer from syncing unwanted files. Ditto.

Sharing made easy

Just right click and share. It's really that simple.

Google Docs conversion

Convert Google Docs to Microsoft Office or Open Office on demand. It's magic!

Offline access

Edits are automatically synced when you're back online including offline changes to converted Google Docs.


Plug your external or network drive. Then sync. That's it.

Command line

If hardcore is your style, we got you covered.

Preserve your directories

Your directory structure is perfect. Now you can preserve it by not having to move files to a "central" folder.

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