4 Reasons Professors Should Sync Their Files

    If you’re a professor, chances are you’ve dabbled with cloud storage before but only as a backup tool to save files (e.g. assignments, reading materials, etc.).

    Yes, cloud storage fundamentally does this but you’re missing out on one key feature that will benefit you and your class the most -- file syncing.

    Why Should Professors Sync Their Files?

    1. Access the latest file versions

    As a professor, it's in your best interest to provide your class with the latest version of important files to avoid confusion and miscommunication. File syncing definitely helps in that regard. Simply sync a file and share it with your class so that every change will be automatically applied in all of its locations -- including your students' computers.

    Need to revert to a previous version? No worries, some cloud storage providers (e.g. OneDrive) support file versioning so you can revert to previous versions in case you need to. This gives professors the flexibility and peace of mind to work anywhere, which leads us to our next point...

    2. Stay connected across multiple computers

    According to a 2016 survey, four-in-ten Americans say they have three or more computers in their home. In other words, using multiple computers throughout the day is commonplace in today's age, which is another reason to utilize file syncing.

    File syncing provides a mobile workflow that makes it possible to work from anywhere. Still revising your lecture notes but need to feed your dog at home? No problem! Simply sync the file you’re working on, go home, and pick up where you left off using your personal computer. After you’ve fed your dog, of course!

    3. Easily share files with your class and manage permissions

    Sharing files should be easy but that’s not always the case, especially if it involves sharing a file with your entire class. This is where your preferred sync app comes in handy. Most sync apps, Insync included, lets you share files and manage permissions within the app -- no web browser required!


    (Easily share files and manage permissions within the Insync app)

    With Insync, the fastest way to share a file is to locate the file within the app and click Share. A menu will appear where you can copy the link and manage permissions. Copy the link and select whether anyone with the link can edit the file, add comments, or just view it. Quite helpful since it ensures that only the necessary people have access to your files which opens up the opportunity for...

    4. Streamlined collaboration with coworkers

    Students aren’t the only people you’ll be sharing files with. When working with fellow professors, file syncing will make your workflows much more streamlined. Using Google’s Shared Drives or Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, you can invite colleagues to a shared folder where all necessary files can be accessed. Changes to these files are instantly synced between colleagues so that collaboration is seamless -- no need to keep sending files back and forth!

    Do more with cloud storage

    Set on using cloud storage and file syncing? Great! The next step is to choose your cloud storage provider. We suggest these two:


    OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Some universities provide free cloud storage but if you purchased MS Office 365, you’re automatically given 1 TB of free storage -- more than enough to get you started.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive comes with 15GB of free cloud storage. It’s not a lot but it’s a great starting point considering it has collaborative services such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


    (Insync lets you sync Google Drive and OneDrive files in one app interface!)

    Start syncing!

    Once you’ve selected which cloud storage provider to use, it’s time to start syncing your files! If you’re using Windows or Mac, there are official sync apps for Google Drive and OneDrive. Sadly, support for these apps on Linux isn’t available.

    With Insync, you can sync your Google Drive and OneDrive on Linux! It also has unique features to boot such as Docs Conversion and the Ignore Rules for starters. Mac and Windows users may also benefit from Insync if they use multiple Google and Microsoft accounts, and prefer to manage their files in one app interface.

    Download Insync now and make use of the 15-day free trial!


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