Easily manage multiple Google Drives with Insync

    Editor's note: We have an updated page detailing how to sync multiple Google Accounts with Insync here.

    The multiple accounts dilemma

    With processes going digital, we’ve compartmentalized the way we manage our data and emails as a way to organize our lives. We have separate accounts, emails and drives for personal stuff, work, projects and other side businesses. As much as this keeps everything organized, we find it quite tedious to maintain and access multiple accounts across several browser tabs.

    What’s Insync?

    Insync is an app that lets you sync all your Google Drive accounts to your desktop regardless of your platform (we support Windows, Linux and macOS). Sync and manage your files from all your accounts without the need to constantly log-in and switch between browser tabs.

    How can we help you manage your multiple Drives?

    • Multiple account support. With Insync, you can consolidate all your Google Drives (including Team Drives!) in one simple interface. Easily switch between accounts without the need to repeatedly sign-in and open new tabs in your browser.
    • Sync control. You have full control of which files and folders to sync. You don’t need to sync what you don’t want to sync. Plus you can also specify the location (on your local storage) of where you’ll be syncing your files and folders.
    • Individual sync folders. Each of your accounts get its own local sync folder within your desktop. No file confusion and no file mix-ups!
    • The desktop experience. We’ve made our platform to be almost as intuitive as a desktop file manager. We’ve also adapted desktop controls like right click and double click. No more steep learning curve, it’s almost as good as plug and play!
    • Cross-platform support. Insync has always and will always run on Windows, Linux and macOS. We’re cool that way.


    *Here's a preview of our interface, with three accounts logged in.*

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