Customer Stories: Insync syncs class files for Python professor

    The dilemma

    Greg Wylie is a full-time financial planner and analyst at a major eCommerce retail company and an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, where he teaches Python to business students.

    Because he juggles 2 jobs, he needs to optimise and create efficient processes in order to make sure that he has enough time to attend to his duties and and finish all his tasks.

    As an instructor, he needs to make sure that his teaching files are always updated and easily accessible to his students, which is why he utilizes Google Drive. He uploads powerpoints, word files and python files for his students to use.

    Insync as the solution

    Cue in Insync.

    Greg’s need for a Google Drive app to help sync his files to his personal computer and the lack of a native client for Linux led him to search and find Insync. He works in a cross-platform environment -- a Windows work computer and a Linux personal computer -- and Insync allowed him to work between these two operating systems using the same app and the same UI.

    With Insync in his app roster, he was able increase his productivity as

    “It is just easier to work on files with a desktop client. Since I have a lot of python files, I don’t want to have to go to the Google Drive website, download the files, modify the files, then upload the files back to Google Drive. It’s much simpler to work on files within a desktop client.”

    In addition the type and nature of the files he handles would mean that native apps are needed to open these files, which Insync allows. It basically allows your Google Drive to live within your desktop ecosystem and allow you to edit and save your files locally (and will be updated in your drive via sync.)

    Insync helps ease workflows

    With Insync, Greg’s workflow was made more efficient and his productivity maximised because:

    If you’d like to maximize the unlimited storage of your .edu account, like what Greg did, we offer a 15-day, all-access free trial of our app.

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