Why Insync?

Sync Google Drive to your network drive

Not all businesses are comfortable with going 100% cloud. Insync supports a hybrid approach where you can utilize your Windows Server and Google Drive.

Preserve your directory hierarchy

You've spent weeks and months organizing your system. Naturally, you want it preserved. Insync allows you to connect to Google Drive without sacrificing your directory integrity.

Work with Microsoft Office

Sometimes a colleague wants to use Google Docs, and sometimes you want to use Microsoft Office. Insync automagically converts between Google Docs and Microsoft Office so you get the best of both worlds without compromising your workflow. (Insync supports OpenDocument, too!)

Use your external hard drive as a photo backup

Your memories are important. Preserve them permanently in Google Drive while still being able to access them locally from an external drive.

Share photos and videos using a link

Share your photos and videos publicly or privately using a link. Just right-click and share. Super easy.

Work on any platform

Whether on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Windows Server, or command line, Insync's got your back.

Get more done with Insync
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