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New plans from Insync
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1 account (non-transferrable)
One-time payment
Unlimited accounts
One-time payment
Unlimited accounts
One-time payment
1 work account (transferrable)
One-time payment, per employee
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Wait! I have questions
Do I have to pay again?
Yes, not for the whole amount! You only pay the price difference between the new plan & your current licenses. Sign in to know how much you have to pay.
I have more than 1 license. Do I pay the difference for each?
Upgrading to a Solo plan or Company license? YES. Because it’s 1 license = 1 account.
Upgrading to a Personal or Developer plan? NO. Just pay the difference for ONE, and the rest are FREE. We don’t think it’s fair to make you pay the difference for every license, if you’re switching to a plan with unlimited accounts :)
Can I combine old licenses with new ones in the Insync client?
Okay I’m ready! What’s next?
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