Insync Pro

For professionals who need multiple account support.

  • $ 15

    Per Year

    100% no hassle,
    cancel anytime

  • Multiple Accounts

    Any Gmail, Google Apps or 3rd party Google account

  • All Platforms

    Windows, Mac, Linux
    Android, Windows Phone

  • Awesome Support

    Reply within 3 business days

  • Pro Dashboard

    Accounts management,
    storage analytics

Management tools for yourself

Get all the benefits of the Insync client with a Pro dashboard to keep your multiple Google accounts in check.

  • Advanced Features

    Watch any folder, share without a browser, get edit notifications and all the little things.

  • Accounts Management

    Securely add multiple Google accounts through your Pro dashboard. Use your existing Google login.

  • Storage Analytics

    Are you storing more PDFs than JPEGs? How much more? At-a-glance storage metrics that's easy to understand.

Advanced Features


Accounts Management


Storage Analytics