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Our Pricing and Your 30% Commission

Our legacy licenses are Prime at $29.99 and Teams at $49.99. These are for both desktop and servers.

Our current plans for desktop are Personal at $39.99, Developer at $59.99, and Company at $99.99.

For servers, our current plans are Home at $39.99 per year and Office at $159.99 per year.

All desktop licenses and plans are one-time payments for lifetime use while our Home and Office plans are subscriptions based. Learn more here.

Our Affiliate Program is currently on beta. We can only track affiliate purchases that use the credit card option at our checkout.

  • Partners get 30% of sales made via credit card
  • Commission payouts are done once a month, for the previous month
  • Minimum payout of $100
  • We currently can't track purchases made via our Paypal payment option, even if it was done through an affiliate link. That said, 60-70% of our customers pay using the credit card option

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