Advanced features to make Google Drive better.

  • Multiple account support

    Add and sync multiple Google Drive accounts under one client.

    Since some time I run Insync for 3 Google accounts permanently on all platforms (Mac, Win, Linux) without any problem. Even the transfer from one Google account to another went smoothly.

    -Marco D. uses Insync Plus

  • Advanced sharing without a browser

    Right-click any file within the Insync directory and click Insync → Share. No browser needed.

    Just wanted to say that this is amazing, I mean, it has everything I could possibly need as a user, even a "send to" right-click option in Windows Explorer. I have already referred this to friends!

    -Nicholas C. uses Insync Plus

  • Google Docs conversion to MS Office with offline access

    View and edit Google documents even when offline in Office format. Changes get synced back too!

    I want to support your program because it is so much more accessible than the bull* Google itself has for what they call "offline".

    -Morgo uses Insync Plus

  • Watch any folder

    Sync any files outside your Insync directory as easy as a right-click! We don’t like messing your directory structure.

    So far it seems more reliable than the google drive sync desktop application, and has some great features beyond it, like the symlink based sync support. It's just awesome and it helps me preserve the directory structure I want, unlike the gdrive sync. There are more, but this is my favorite one.

    -László S. uses Insync Plus

  • All the little things (network drive, external drive, revert when read-only, etc.)

    Get it done fast with our network and external drive support, revert file back when read-only, and awesome support!

    I have to let you know that I have not had customer service this attentive ever.

    -John B. uses Insync Plus