Happy customers

"This is the app that Google should have made and shame on Google for being shown up by the InSync team!"

Donavon Yelton uses Insync Business

"If you want to sync multiple accounts and share docs from a central place, there is no other solution. We are happy customers."

Bill Sidons uses Insync Business

"We use Insync on Mac and on Linux (Ubuntu / Fedora) and we are very happy with it. Insync 1.0 shows several improvements compared to the beta versions: we look forward to future enhancements. We recommend it to organizations like ours where different OS'es are used and where integration with the UI is required."

Lorenzo Ciani uses Insync Business

"Insync is great. I use it productively every day. I hope the little company will make it to a big stable ISV or will be acquired by google. I don't wanna miss this tool again."

Stefan Ried uses Insync Business

"Painless installation (which is nice on a Linux box), seamless user experience, and great customer service. I've always felt a bit 'locked-out' having my stuff in Google's cloud, but inSync puts it on my machine and feels like a bit of control back in my hands."

Chris D. uses Insync Plus

"I can tell you it is an amazing tool and I can not report any single mistake so I recommend it to all my friends. In fact I shared on facebook as well and I congratulate you on this app that syncs well with Google. Insync hope to continue a long time and I wish you to continue making applications as good as this."

Alberto C. uses Insync Plus

"If you're looking for a way to collaborate reliably using Google Drive, then I wholeheartedly recommend Insync."

Nathan Monk uses Insync Business

"I greatly appreciate the Insync, specifically the application allows me to use multiple accounts. It allows me to track the recent changes that I made to my drive. Moreover, it is very easy to use."

Vasu P. uses Insync Plus

"Just want to say This product is fantastic. I have always used Ubuntu One for my backups but this is way better, easier, and more efficient. I and many of my co workers are no useing it and have upgraded to pro. Thank you for you amazing product."

Jordan L. uses Insync Plus

"I absolutely LOVE Insync. Being a full-on Linux user it's sometimes challenging to get decent software that works. Having Insync makes it super easy for me to carry on with daily tasks."

Tanya V. uses Insync Plus